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Important. Due to Corona Virus spread we will keep the print shop closed for a while and not be able to complete orders with a fast turnaround time.

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*Your garments must contain at least 70% Cotton for the best end result. We don’t print on POLYESTER.

What We Do

We design and print custom t-shirts for all occasions, You name it, we print it. Our services are very simple and fast, walk in customers only wait 20 min to get their t-shirts printed from the moment they walk into our London print shop. Most frequently we decorate t-shirts and Hoodies. However you can personalise anything with a flat area big enough to be printed on like pillow cases & bags. Our Direct to Garment printing services include custom design creation, same day Eco-friendly DTG printing and Bagging & Folding.

Special Events Stag Do Hen Party Custom T-shirts

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment or DTG is a new technology of printing which allows you to print high quality images at a low cost and fast turnaround time. We usually print same day most of our small quantity orders. With no limits to colours you can use and minimum order of just 1 piece, our DTG printing services are suitable for any occasion, from Stag Due and Hen Party t-shirts to Birthday presents and lots more.

Low Cost T-shirt Printing

Low Prices

Low cost and fast t-shirt printing is one of our greatest quality. We are a new London print shop, we don’t charge big company prices with hidden fees and extra 20% Vat at the end of the transaction. Nah! our prices are transparent from the start to the end. You also don’t have to wait weeks to collect what you pay for. Your order will be ready within 20 min so you can leave with your custom made t-shirt instead of having to wait days!

Print On Demand

Start your own Brand

Dtg is the Best printing solution for anyone selling garments or starting a new Brand. No contract, no up-front cost, zero storage payments, no risk of losing money on 100 garments that never sold simply because they were never printed in the first place! Dtg allows you to print only the garments that you have sold already! Best custom t-shirt printing solution for shop owners and personal sellers. Ideal for online E-commerce businesses. Call our London Print shop now to find out more about print on demand.

Our Dirct to Garment machine uses Water Based inks which are absolutely free of heavy metals which makes Dtg printing an Eco-friendly solution. Appropriate for Kids and Babies clothing. Need a unique and personalised T-shirt? Make it Environmentally Friendly.

With over 12 years of printing experience we have seen thousands of designs for pretty much any occasion. From birthday parties to massive events. Whatever the reason you need a custom t-shirt, we will be able to create it for you.

We spend hours everyday creating and printing our own custom t-shirts. It’s our passion and everyday business. It’s what we do! Reliable and fast t-shirt printing that you can trust.

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