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Create your own Custom T-shirt with no limits to the number of colours in your design. All printed in Hi-quality using only Eco-friendly inks.

DTG T-shirt printing in London
DTG T-shirt printing in London

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What is the cheapest way to print t-shirts?

Decorate only on one side of white garments with a small design. Also, order Bulk amounts to get a discount, generally anything more than 100 t-shirts.

Can you make money selling t-shirts?

Yes, selling garments is a very profitable business. You can usually double your initial investment. If you order 1000£ worth of garments, you can easily resell them for at least 2000£, usually more.

What colour t-shirt sell the most?

This will depend on what customers you are selling to. In general, the most sold colour t-shirts are Black, White, Grey, Colours, in this order.

What size t-shirt sell the most?

This depends on your customer base. In general the most sold t-shirt sizes are Medium and Large.

How much does it cost to get a t-shirt printed?

Price will depend on the amount you order, how many prints, size of design and complexity of order. Price range from 5£ to 16£ for a finished product.

What is the best t-shirt printing method?

The best method for printing your t-shirts will depend on the amount you want to order and your design. DTG is best for small orders while Screen printing is ideal for big quantities.