Terms And Conditions


– These terms & conditions “The Company” is Direct Style Printing Ltd and “buyer” means the person who accepts “The Company’s” terms and condition or quote for the supply of goods and services by “The Company”.

– The supply of goods and/or services (“the supply”) to the buyer shall be in accordance with “The Company’s” written quotation or email price agreed quotation the buyers written order subject in either case to these conditions.

– “The Company” shall not be liable for any oral advice or recommendation given by “The Company” to the buyer concerning the supply.

Order Process And Specifications

– “The Company” shall not be deemed to have accepted the buyers order unless “The Company” has accepted it in writing by providing pro-forma quotation invoice.

– The buyer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the buyer’s order and payments related to it. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that any order was checked for trade marks or/and copyright before order is placed and payed.

– The buyer will indemnify “The Company” against any liability for infringement of the intellectual property rights of any third party, which may result from the supply.

– “The Company” may alter any specification provided by the buyer to conform with any statutory requirements provided this does not materially affect the quality or performance of the supply.

– Cancellation by the buyer will only be accepted on terms that the buyer will indemnity “The Company” against all loss thus incurred by “The Company”.

– “The Company” reserves the right to submit proofs to the buyer for approval. Once approved any alterations will be at the-buyer’s cost.

– Where the buyer is to supply materials T shirts, garments or any fabric for printing (“Customers Property”) to “The Company” such customer’s property will be held by “The Company” at the buyers sole risk. “The Company” will not be liable to the buyer, for any imperfections in the finished product arising out of imperfections in the artwork/reference material supplied.

– “The Company” cannot guarantee supplying the exact quantity ordered by “The Buyer” as lose of garments might happen during production.

– “The Company” uses digitally made Previews for Created Artwork, Online shop Designs and any other preview found on the site or supplied to “The Buyer”.

– “The Company” cannot guarantee the exact quality shown by digitally made previews.

– Any Artwork, Design or Preview created by “The Company” will be the Companies Property and subject to “Copyright Law” until “The Buyer” has fully paid for all the services provided by “The Company”.

– “The Company” reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order at any time.

– “The Company” will process all order only after full payment has been received by the buyer, and not after. Turn around time will only be counted from the day of full payment.

Price Of Supply

– The Company’s quotation is valid for 7 days

– Quotations are made with visible prices: as Before and After VAT (if applicable) where payable amount is always AFTER VAT APPLY

Term Of Payment

– Payment of goods and services supplied by “The Company” is due on the date of the invoice.

– If the buyer fails to pay for the supply within the time agreed , as above (1), then in addition to its other rights “The Company” may cancel the contract and suspend any further orders.

Delivery And Returns

– Delivery dates are approximate only and “The Company” shall not be liable for any delays in transit of goods.

– If ‘The Buyer’ wishes to return any goods this must be done within 5 working days of receipt of order with fully tracked courier.

– “The Company” shall not be deemed to have accepted the buyers Return unless “The Company” has accepted it in writing by providing a written confirmation.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

– The “30 day guarantee” date starts from the shipping date and cannot be extended.

– To claim for the “30 day guarantee” refund, customer must contact “The Company” via email and state the reason for the return with proof evidence and proof of purchase.

– The “30 day guarantee” is subject to verification and approval. Customer must provide proof of the difference from, the preview provided by “The Company” and, the final product. The difference must be considerable enough to make the final product unfit for purpose, unsellable or unusable.

– To receive the “30 day guarantee” refund, customer must send back all purchased products or services within 30 days from the payment date or shipping date, whichever comes last. Garments must be sent back in the original state, via currier with fully tracked delivery.

– The cost of returning the garments is not covered as it is not part of the original transaction.

– “The Company” has the right to refuse the “30 Days Money Back Guarantee” if any of the above stated points are not met.


– The contract shall be governed by the Laws of England.

– If any provision of these conditions is held to be wholly or partly invalid or unenforceable the validity of the other provisions of these conditions shall not hereby be affected.

– Any notice under these conditions shall be written and serviced at the registered office of principle place or business of the part being served.