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Are you a One Time Customer? then don’t worry about the technical part of printing. Get in touch Here to have your design created and printed straight away and leave the boring part to us. We do all the work necessary so you can enjoy a fast and simple service worth coming back to.

If you often order from us then you probably have a design and simply need information on how to get it printed. In this case keep reading down below. The first part of this page is all about sending your design over to us and all the technical specifications you need to know before submitting your file.

You can read the second part of this page to find out all about ordering a design from us, prices and useful tips.

Print Your Own Image

Email your design over in the correct format, and we will do the rest.

We accept any file type like the most common JPG, however to avoid extra charge, please provide your design in PNG, PSD or PDF with transparent background.

Make sure to remove any background from behind the image or simply ask us to remove it for you. Price depends on image. SEE EXAMPLE

Dtg can print in High Resolution, 1440 x 1440 Dpi, however your print will not look good if you submit a low resolution artwork. Please supply at least 300 Dpi files.

To submit your own artwork, fill in this Contact Form, and let us know that you have your own design.


Order A Simple Design

Simple Artwork is generally a Text that doesn’t require any complicated work done.

This usually cost between 5£ to 10£.

All Images made by us always come in high resolution, sized correctly to your requirements and the background is removed to don’t lose any information.

When asking for a design to be created make sure to include as much information and personal specifications as possible. Help us create your image faster.

Fill in this quick Contact Form now to have your design created by us or visit us in our Enfield Print Shop.

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Order A Complicated Design

A complicated t-shirt design will be charged 30£ per hour to create. Make it easier for us and we will make it cheaper for you!

Our Images always come in high resolution and printed in the highest quality possible to ensure the right impact on your garments.

Fill in this quick Contact Form now if you want us to create your idea or simply ask for more information.

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