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How do I create my own t-shirt design?

To design your own t-shirt you will need a software to create your design, like photoshop, and a print shop to print your final product.

What is the best free program to design t-shirts?

The best and free program to design t-shirts is GIMP, it’s an open source image manipulating software.

How can I put my logo on a t-shirt?

Create your own logo and simply send it over to us to have it printed on your garment of choice.

How do I size a t-shirt design file?

You don’t have to create your design in the exact size, your printer will scale it to your requirements, just make sure that it’s big enough to don’t be pixelated and blurry. 3000 x 3000 pixels should cover most printing techniques.

What is the standard size for a logo?

A standard size chest print will be 25cm in width, while a left chest print is usually 10cm wide.