Eco-friendly t-shirts

Make Eco-friendly T-shirts


Is ink toxic to the environment?

The short answer is YES, most inks use heavy metals and other materials to create the colour, which eventually end up back in the environment. But not DTG inks.

What is an Eco-friendly t-shirt?

A t-shirt can be called Eco-friendly if it’s not made from any material that damage the environment. Organic cotton combined with DTG make an Eco-friendly t-shirt.

Does organic clothing matter?

The answer is yes, if you care about the planet we live in. Swapping to organic clothing might not solve climate change by itself, but it will help in the fight for a better future.

Is a cotton t-shirt biodegradable?

Yes, it’s 100% biodegradable since it made from a natural material. Organic cotton is also sustainable since we will never run out of it.

What is the best Eco-friendly t-shirt?

The best brand will depend on what you like personally and the type of clothes you are looking for. There are many sustainable and Eco-friendly brands, our favourite is “Stanley & Stella”