DTG Printing – How It Works

Tell us which design you want printed, choose your garments and leave the rest to us.

We order the t-shirts, check the design quality, size, positioning and all the other details, so you don’t have to.

Need a design? Tell us what you need and we will create the image for you and even choose the right garments for the job.

*If you supply your own garments, they must contain at least 70% Cotton. We don’t print on POLYESTER

Additional Info

Planning a big run? Ask for a sample. We will print just one garment and send it to you for a stress free approval before printing the rest.

In general we ask for 7 working days to complete your order however in most cases we complete the entire process in just a few days.

Occasionally we open on weekends for urgent orders. Note that extra charge will apply on those days.

All About DTG Printing

DTG stands for Direct To Garment printing technique.

Similar to the standard home printers, DTG prints your Artwork directly onto the Garment at 1440 x 1440 Dpi. This allows for a much higher quality results than any other printing technique currently available on the market.

The artwork for dtg printing doesn’t require much alteration or expensive machine setup which allows for a much efficient, faster and cheaper style of printing.

Direct to garment is ideal for Multi colour designs, low number orders and high quality images.

Extreme flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of dtg printing. For instance you can print 6 different designs, one of each, without paying a fortune on expensive setup. Any other printing technique simply don’t allow this.

Inks used for direct to garment are water based and environmentally friendly. As a result your design always feels soft and smooth.

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