DTG Printing – How It Works

1. Send over your Image/Artwork you want printed.

2. Let us know about the garments you plan to use and leave the rest to us. Is really this simple.

In case you | Need a design| we can help you create it or just modify your existing one.

You can supply | your own garments* | or we can provide them for you.

That’s it! We will then check the design quality, size, positioning and all the other necessary details, so you don’t have to.

WE ARE OPEN, Due to Covid-19 we operate as ONLINE ONLY, no walk in.

*If you supply your own garments, they must contain at least 80% Cotton. We don’t print on POLYESTER

Printing Time & Sample

Planning a big run? Ask for a sample. We will print just one garment and send it to you for a stress free approval before printing the rest.

In general we ask for 7-14 working days to complete your order however in most cases we complete the entire process in just a few days.

Occasionally we open on weekends for urgent orders. Note that extra charge will apply on those days.


30 days money back Guarantee on your order if the product doesn’t match our preview.

What Is DTG Printing?

DTG stands for Direct To Garment printing technique.

Similar to the standard home printers, DTG prints your | Artwork | directly onto the Garment at 1440 x 1440 Dpi. This allows for a much higher quality results than any other printing technique currently available on the market.

The artwork for Dtg printing doesn’t require much alteration or expensive machine setup which allows for a much efficient, faster and cheaper style of printing.

Direct to garment is ideal for Multi colour designs, low number orders and high quality images.

Inks used for direct to garment are water based and | Environmentally Friendly | as a result your design always feels soft and smooth.


DTG stands for "Direct to garment" which is a printing technique used to decorate cotton garments.
The biggest difference between the two printing techniques is the price. DTG is ideal for small amount of prints, anything from 1 to 200 pieces. On the other hand Screen printing is ideal for 200+ prints and will be very expensive when printing small amounts due to high setup costs.
Direct to garment is the highest quality style of printing currently available on the market, ideal for complex artwork and multicolour designs.
Final cost will depend on may factors such as: garment type, artwork size, amount of designs printed on the same garment and additional options such as inside inside label or bagging & folding.
Prices can be dropped if you chose to only print one side of your garment with a single design. Artwork size will also influence the final price, smaller images will consume less ink therefor will be cheaper to print. Ordering light colour garments such as White or Natural T-shirts can also help to reduce the price.
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