How to make an Eco-friendly T-shirt

In this guide we will provide you with all the links and information you need to make a 100% Eco-Friendly garment for your Clothing Brand.

  1. Why Environmentally Friendly
  2. Eco-friendly Print Shop
  3. Organic Cotton Garments
  4. Eco-friendly Packaging

Why Environmentally Friendly

The world is changing fast and people are more aware now than they were in the recent years about the state of the planet. Renewable energy, Electric cars, Low emission zones, it’s all part of a movement to save the earth.

Eco-friendly products are gaining a lot more recognition and this will only improve over the years, being a Green clothing Brand is not just a way to reach new customers but also to help with the fight to keep our planet healthy.

“Save the planet one t-shirt at the time”

Being fully Eco-friendly is not that hard and can bring you great benefits, keep reading down below to discover just how easy it is for your Brand to go Green.

Eco-friendly Print Shop

Finding the right print shop is the start and, this is not hard, since a new printing technique has gained a lot of ground in the past years and it’s Environmentally Friendly. We are talking about Direct to garment (DTG). 

The main benefit of this style of printing is the use of only water-based therefor Eco-friendly inks. This means that any DTG print shop you contact will be using the inks you are looking for. Of course, this is not the only reason why Direct to garment has become so popular over the past years, here is a list of the main benefits and why you should use DTG.


  • Eco-friendly solution with water-based inks
  • No setup costs
  • Can print even single garments
  • Cost effective up to 200 pieces
  • Hi definition result, ideal for complex designs
  • No limit to colours
  • Very precise colour matching
  • Design doesn’t require much alteration

All of the above benefits make Direct to garment for anyone looking to order up to 200 garments, start a clothing line or make a fully Eco-friendly product. With no setup costs and affordable printing prices for single garments, with DTG is very simple and cost effective to release new designs and expand your product line without a huge investment.


Organic Cotton Garments

The right garment is the other step you need to complete your Eco-friendly T-shirt. There are many companies that offer Organic Cotton material and in this list we will cover the 2 top brands we use and why.

Stanley Stella:

This is the most used brand for Organic cotton and High quality garments. We recommend this brand to all customers, even when they are not looking for organic cotton simply because of the high quality, online stock availability and extremely high printability.

The high quality of garments also means your design will look at its best since the surface on which it is printed affect the end result. With very high durability and overall quality, Stanley Stella is the main provider of Organic Cotton garments.

Continental Clothing:

This is another brand that offers very high quality clothes using Organic Cotton. They are very similar to the quality of Stanley Stella however, they offer a different range of look in case you are not happy with our first recommendation. They care about the environment, produce all garments with a very low carbon footprint and offer proper working conditions and wages to all their workers. Check their website to find out more.

If you want more information about the garments you can check out this complete Guide we created: Best garments for t-shirt printing”


Eco-friendly Packaging

Last but not least is the shipping and eco-friendly packaging. Not all companies will provide this solution for their customers, however, if you really want to stand out from the competition then this is a great opportunity for you.

The easiest way to ship garments to your customers is by using cardboard, which is widely recyclable and bio-degradable when compared to materials that contain plastic. This way you also avoid having to use plastic shipping bags since the cardboard box will also act as a shipping box.

Remember that those boxes are also reusable as storage around the house, which makes them a much better solution to shipping bags which always end up in the bin after being open.

A great idea is to customise your boxes to make it more appealing, not only when being opened, but also at a later stage, if the customer decides to keep it.

We will not include any links since there are many suppliers available and new ones showing up every month. A simple google search will give you plenty of options to choose from, just remember to don’t always go for the top 3 in the search.

Often big companies that are number 1 on the search, due to the amount of customers they have, will not offer the best prices or deals. Shop around to get the lowest price.

If you want to place a Direct to garment order or simply contact us for any other reason you can use this Quick Contact Form.