Custom T-shirt Design Ideas for Team Building and Company Events

A strong team spirit and motivated employees are fundamental for any company’s success. Organising team building activities and company events is a proven way to nurture camaraderie, facilitate collaboration, and promote a positive work environment. To make these activities even more engaging and memorable, consider incorporating custom t-shirts into your program. Not only will this add a special touch to your event, but it will also create a sense of unity and pride among your employees. As London’s leading custom t-shirt printing company, Direct Style Printing is dedicated to helping you create unique and impactful designs for your company’s events and team building activities.

In this article, we will delve into a range of creative custom t-shirt design ideas and tips to inspire you as you plan your next company event or team building exercise. From colour schemes and slogans to incorporating your brand identity, we will provide suggestions to help you design the perfect custom t-shirts that reflect your company culture and ignite team spirit. 

With our expert guidance, you’ll be equipped to create custom t-shirts that not only look great but also serve as powerful reminders of your company’s events and the relationships formed within them.

At Direct Style Printing, we understand the significance of promoting teamwork and building strong company culture, and we’re committed to helping you achieve this through impactful custom apparel. By sharing our industry insights and expertise in t-shirt design, we aim to assist you in crafting unique and memorable t-shirts that will elevate your team building activities and company events to the next level. Ready to get started? Let’s explore the world of custom t-shirt design for team building and company events!

Custom T-shirt Design Ideas for Team Building and Company Events

Creating bespoke t-shirts for company events and team building activities is a powerful way to foster unity and pride among employees while showcasing your organisation’s identity. In this article, we provide a range of creative design ideas and tips to inspire you and ensure that you craft compelling custom apparel for your corporate events.

1. Choosing a Theme or Motif

Selecting a central theme or motif for your custom t-shirts can help set the tone of your team building activities or company events. Here are some popular options to consider:

  • Sports Day: Design athletic-styled jerseys that incorporate your company’s colours and logo. Add a competitive edge with team names or participant numbers printed on the back.
  • Corporate Retreat: Take inspiration from the retreat’s location or focus, such as a mountain adventure, beach getaway, or a mindfulness retreat. Emphasise the event’s purpose with relevant visuals, from mountain landscapes to calming mandalas.
  • Charity Events: If your company is participating in a charity walk or run, consider incorporating the charity’s logo and colours into your design as a show of solidarity and commitment to the cause.
  • Industry Conferences: Stand out at industry conferences by designing witty, industry-specific t-shirts that showcase your company’s expertise and personality, encouraging networking and rapport-building opportunities.

2. Incorporating Your Company Logo

Incorporating your company logo into your custom t-shirt design is a great way to enhance brand visibility and identity during your team building activities and events.

  • Subtle Placement: If you want to maintain a more casual feel for your custom t-shirts, consider placing your logo discreetly on the sleeve or the nape of the neck. This approach allows your employees to feel comfortable while still representing the company.
  • Centre Stage: If showcasing your brand is a priority, opt for a prominent display of your logo on the chest or across the back. This approach is especially effective for charity events or when attending industry conferences.
  • Creative Adaptations: For a more artistic approach, consider exploring artistic interpretations of your logo that resonate with the theme of the event. This could include a mosaic pattern created from your logo, or integrating your logo into the event-specific design, such as the featured charity symbol.

3. Selecting an Engaging Slogan

A catchy slogan or tagline on your custom t-shirt can create an emotional connection, inspire motivation and boost team spirit. Here are some tips for crafting memorable taglines:

  • Keep It Short and Sweet: Opt for a brief yet impactful phrase that is easily readable and memorable, such as “Together We Thrive” or “One Goal, One Team.”
  • Company Values: Highlight your company’s values or mission statement within the slogan, promoting solidarity and unity among team members.
  • Event-Specific Phrases: Tailor your slogan to the specific activity or event, such as “We Run as One” for a charity run or “Climbing to New Heights” for a mountain retreat.

4. Utilising Colours to Reflect Company Values

Colour is critical for creating visually appealing custom apparel designs and evoking emotions. Using your company’s colours can help reinforce your brand identity while stimulating feelings of loyalty and enthusiasm.

  • Company Colours: Incorporate your company’s primary colours into your t-shirt design to strengthen brand recognition and association.
  • Emotional Connections: Choose colours that reflect your desired emotion or atmosphere, such as using bright and vibrant colours to create an energetic vibe.
  • Colour Contrast: Use contrasting colours to make design elements pop and enhance the legibility of texts and graphics on your custom t-shirts.


Crafting unique and memorable custom t-shirts for your company events and team building activities is both an art and a science. By focusing on a relevant theme, incorporating your logo strategically, selecting an engaging slogan, and utilising colours that resonate with your brand’s identity, you can create impactful apparel that motivates employees, cultivates team unity, and showcases your company’s ethos.

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